Chris On The Issues

Public Safety
My record on crime is strong, and that is why I have received the endorsement of the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association every year I have been in office. Here is what I’ve done as a leader:

  • Added five new prosecutors;
  • Increased funding for State Troopers by $12 million;
  • Enhanced 9-1-1 Service;
  • Eliminated Mandatory Release for pre-trial sentencing;
  • Increased sentencing and monitoring of sex offenders;
  • Improved law enforcement handling of sexual assault crimes;
  • Addressed the backlog of untested rape kids and requiring annual audits;
  • Mandatory five year sentencing for vehicle thefts; and
  • Increased funding for Substance Use Disorder Treatment by $12 million

We passed legislation that addressed immediate public safety concerns and increased funding for troopers and the court system, and I am proud we pushed for advancements in victims’ rights and forward funded education. Even still, there is work left to do to ensure safety for all Alaskans and I am committed to that fight.

Alaska should be a place where education is the highest quality and jobs are rewarding. Our littlest Alaskans are worth our time and money. Every $1 we spend on pre-school programs saves the state of Alaska over $7 later in social or criminal expenditures. Pre-K education results in more kids graduating high school and a better chance they’ll go to college.

With your support, I will continue:

  • Boosting learning for our youngest Alaskans;
  • Providing our future workforce with needed skills and career readiness;
  • Creating affordable tuition and college scholarships;
  • Strengthening training opportunities for Alaskans affected by the economic downturn;
  • Investing in the University of Alaska to research and create new industries;
  • Responsibly budgeting to fund education; and
  • Stabilizing schools and minimizing property taxes.

Alaska needs more jobs and better wages. I have worked tirelessly for our neighborhood and the rest of the state. I fight every day for:

  • A stronger Alaskan economy and jobs that support our families;
  • An education system which prepares our future generations for success; and
  • Reliable and affordable energy for homeowners and businesses.

I have worked in the private sector for over 20 years. I serve as a board member of the Alaska Process Industries Careers Consortium and the Alaska Electrical Apprenticeship Program. It’s a privilege to train Alaskans for high paying jobs in the oil, gas, mining, and construction industries. I also served as co-chair for Putting Alaska’s Resources to Work. Rewarding jobs make Alaskan families strong. Here is what I have done and will continue to do:

  • Stabilizing energy supplies, promoting new gas and oil developments, and continuing to create hundreds of jobs;
  • Protecting the Permanent Fund Dividend;
  • Giving Alaskans a vote to constitutionalize the Dividend for our future children;
  • Encouraging Alaska hire for existing industries;
  • Building Alaska through investment in infrastructure and resource development; and
  • Directing state funds toward supporting local businesses and creating real jobs on the ground for real people.