Chris Tuck For State House

It is an honor to represent you. My goal is to restore faith in government by ensuring there is a fair process and that community efforts succeed. Your trust and faith have enabled me, as your legislator, to bring people together. When I served as House Majority Leader of a coalition of Alaska Republicans, Independents, and Democrats, we put aside party politics and joined together to do what was best for Alaska by protecting jobs and building the economy. The Legislature demonstrated that, when we work together, we can get things done.

The global COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten our physical and economic health, coloring all aspects of our lives. But we Alaskans are strong and resilient. We rise to the challenge, just as Alaskans joined forces to transport diphtheria serum to Nome in 1925. Securing and transporting diphtheria serum across frozen tundra was remarkable - and saved many lives.

Alaska is blessed with talented people and incredible natural resources. Together, we can make Alaska a place where ideas and innovations flourish, education is of the highest quality, the economy thrives, and jobs are rewarding. There is still more work to do. I want to continue working for you. Please call me with your concerns – and please vote for me.

Chris Tuck